Our grant application requests applicants provide:

​•Project Background and Statement of Need
•Project Goals and Objectives
•Previous Results
•Project Strategy and Approach
•Partnerships and Collaboration
•Project Impact/Outcomes
•Project Assessment and Evaluations
•Project Timeline
•Project Budget with Narrative
•Plans for Sustainability

Proposal Submission:

When we see a promising match between proposed work and the Foundation’s grantmaking strategy, we may invite a grantseeker to submit a proposal for funding. We accept proposals electronically through an online portal. If you are invited to submit a proposal, a member of our team will provide you with information to access the portal. 

Grant Process

Within each of our focus areas, the C.E. and S. Foundation looks to invest in leaders, strategies, and programs to have the greatest impact in support of our grantmaking strategy.  ​

Exploratory Conversation:

​We understand that fund development requires a significant investment of an organization’s resources. With that in mind, we like to discuss a possible funding partnership before inviting a proposal. This helps us understand if there’s a good strategic fit with our strategy focus areas and advise potential partners whether an application for funding is a good investment of their time.

We invest a great deal in these early conversations and in building strong relationships with our existing partners. With that as our priority, the Foundation cannot respond to unsolicited proposals.​

Proposal Review Process and Timeframes:

The C.E. and S. Foundation invites and reviews proposals for funding on a quarterly basis. Our team works closely with grantseekers to guide them through our processes so that timeframes for proposal submission and board review are clear. Since the Foundation receives more proposals than it can fund, please do not interpret the invitation to submit proposal as a guarantee of support.

Foundation staff work with grantseekers and partner organizations to define meaningful measurement of program effectiveness and a plan and timeline for reporting.

• How will the impact of this program or initiative be assessed with data and qualitative evidence of progress?
• Will this program or initiative influence changes beyond the articulated scope of work – within the organization or more broadly across the field or the community?
• Are there ways to leverage a C.E. and S. grant to attract other funding or influence other funding streams? Are there opportunities for this project or initiative to generate learning that can be shared with the broader community to achieve greater impact?
• What is the financial plan for sustaining this work over time if applicable?  

​Questions to Consider Before Inquiring about Funding

• How does this program or initiative fit within the C.E. and S. Foundation's areas of focus to help individuals become adults who are resilient and prepared for opportunities to engage and thrive?

  1. Caregiver Engagement
  2. Social Emotional Support (Birth through Grade 12)
  3. Academic Support (Kindergarten through Grade 12)
  4. Family and Household Stability
  5. Postsecondary Education Success

Request an Exploratory Conversation:

​To request a conversation to explore a grant partnership, please contact us