​​Application Requirements: 
Once grantseekers are invited to submit, an application to the Foundation must consist of the following: organization & contact info, background information, specific request, and financial information. 

​Questions to Ask Yourself Before Applying

  1. Does my proposal fit within the C.E. and S. Foundation's areas of focus? (Education, Global Competency, Urban Environment)
  2. Does my proposal seek to catalyze measurable improvement in defined outcomes? How do I plan to do this?
  3. Do I have a complete understanding of my funding needs and options?
  4. Are there ways to leverage this potential grant and other funding possibilities?​

Within each of our focus areas, the C.E. and S. Foundation is working to engage and deploy its resources for the most impact.

Invitation to Apply: 

Before a grant proposal is submitted, the Foundation requests that organizations first contact the Program Officer to discuss the particulars of the project and the ways in which it fits the Foundation guidelines. The Foundation's staff makes it a practice to consult with representatives of organizations seeking possible partnership and support. Please note that the Foundation can only grant to organizations with a 501(c)3 tax status.

Grant Process

        5. If I am successful in receiving proposed grant, am I prepared to meet the terms and conditions? (See below for Reporting Requirements)
        6. If I receive proposed grant, what will happen with the project or initiative when the grant period ends?

Letters sent to the Foundation that propose projects outside of the guidelines are immediately declined. Projects falling within the guidelines receive additional review, and a full proposal may be subsequently requested. The Foundation will respond to all grant requests in a timely manner. However, given the large number of grant proposals that the Foundation receives, we cannot promise responses within a specific time frame. Grant proposals are reviewed on a quarterly basis. Since the Foundation receives more proposals than it can fund, please do not interpret a request for a proposal as a guarantee of support.

Reporting Requirements: 
Foundation staff work with grantseekers and partner organizations to define meaningful measurement of program effectiveness and a plan and timeline for reporting.